These works were all created while working in a studio on the St. Clair River in Algonac, Michigan. Inspired by winter walks and dried autumn leaves previously collected - the palettes are driven by intuition and seasons colliding. Toward the end of my stay, the temperature was really dropping, and the frozen ice in the river created significant ice jams. Though the river underneath was still moving, changes in the channel freeze, and then are moved creating beautiful forms - mounds and little worlds that shift and change as the water does. Sadly, this beauty comes at the expense of the terrible flooding up river damaging land and property. The true sublime - inspiring awe and fear. 

All works 8" x 8" collages on hard stock watercolor paper. 

Blending spaces - physical, emotional, and psychological - continue to churn in the studio.
 These collages on paper reference movement and forms, similar to my paper assemblages and sculptures.

In these though, I am reassembling new compositions from National Parks posters of the iconic WPA era Federal Art Project. As I crave intangible travel and new experiences, I create these little environments to explore.

Little Worlds Big is a challenge for myself to make one stroke paintings in a large vertical format that relate to the figure. I failed at the one stroke ambition, but have succeeded in working faster and trusting instinct, while engaging my body. 

The forms take inspiration from the petrified logs and stumps of the dunes of Lake Michigan.